Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 17:56

SVELT by Tavex awarded a prize in Europe for being the 100 best innovation ideas in 2013

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tavex svelt release

The new SVELT denim, a high-performance technological fabric developed by Tavex, was elected as one of the 100 innovations highlighted in 2013 by the Spanish magazine Actualidad Economica. The tissue, that interacts with the human body bringing benefits to the user was launched only in Brazil, in November 2013, as part of Tavex 14-15 Summer collection. The SVELT denim was awarded the prize Las 100 Mejores Ideas in the Life Style category.

"The continuous innovation is one of Tavex values. For being a global operating company, Tavex Brazil continuously invests in product development intelligence, aligned with the collection trends in Europe. We seek innovations in new special finishing processes, as well as new tissues ", explains Lilian Yukimi Kurosaki, Tavex Marketing manager of Jeanswear.

SVELT is part of Tavex Denim Therapy® line, which aggregates high-performance treatment to the organism related, in particular to the feeling of well-being. "Every season we launch highly differentiated products in the market, thus enabling us to maintain our leadership in the global market of premium denim ", says Lilian.

The SVELT denim features cosmetic properties that improve the texture and quality of skin collagen, helping to combat cellulite. The jeans was certified by Kosmoscience Ciência & Tecnologia Cosmética and approved in industrial washing tests.



About Tavex Corporation

Being the world leader in differentiated denim, the company operates with an annual production capacity of about 160 million meters of denim, cotton and special sportswear and workwear tissues. With customers in over 50 countries, its manufacturing plants are located in Brazil, Argentina, Morocco and Mexico.