Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 12:00

Tavex Jeans combating cellulite

New line of denim reshapes the silhouette, stimulates blood circulation and helps eliminating the toxins.

Tavex brings to 2014-2015 Summer collection an innovative jeans that helps combating cellulite. The new high-performance technological fabric interacts with the human body bringing benefits to the body. The Svelt line is a unique fabric with cosmetic properties that improve the texture and quality of skin collagen.

The concept unifies technological innovation with the versatility and comfort of denim. The fabric helps combating the buildup of localized fat, gradually shaping and sculpting the body silhouette through continuous use.

"It is an ultra-stretch fabric formed by millions of micro particles integrated into the tissue, which contribute in improving the texture and quality of skin collagen", explains Lilian Kurosaki Marketing Manager of Tavex Denim Brazil.

The natural cosmetic principles of Svelt release, upon contacting the skin, properties that gradually actuate over the various aspects of cellulite development. The tissue has been certified by the company Kosmoscience Ciência & Tecnologia Cosmética, being approved in industrial washing tests.

Svelt is part of Denim Therapy® line of Tavex, created in 2011, adding high-performance treatment to the organism, particularly related to welfare feelings. This concept was applied for the first time to the Balance line, a tissue of complex bioceramics created from a combination of several metal oxides that produce physiological benefits, such as increased body temperature and balance.

About Tavex Corporation

The worldwide leader in differentiated denim, the company has an annual production capacity of about 160 million meters of denim, cotton and special tissues for sportswear and workwear use. With customers in over 50 countries, it operates manufacturing plants located in Brazil, Argentina, Morocco and Mexico.