Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 14:40

The “Doing Good Day” in Bahia will revitalize libraries and schools

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Camargo Corrêa and InterCement mobilize employees in Salvador and Brumado for corporate volunteer actions

Actions related to education were chosen by the employees of the Camargo Corrêa Construction Company and InterCement in Bahia to celebrate the sixth edition of the "Doing Good Day," a corporate volunteer event that gathers all of the companies of the Camargo Corrêa Group. On Sunday, August 24, the cities of Salvador and Brumado will count on activities for the revitalization of area schools.

Employee volunteer from InterCement, plus family members and friends, chose to carry out structural reforms at three institutions in Brumado, directly benefiting 800 children and youths. In fact, the activities have been under way since July. The high point will be on Sunday, when the improvements will be unveiled to the entities, featuring celebrations including fun and educational activities with the children.

The festivities will include rides, games and play activities. In partnership with the Secretariat of Health, the youngsters can undergo blood glucose testing, measurement of blood pressure, and BMI table. The Secretariat of Education will also organize a futsal tournament (a type of five-a-side football usually played on an indoor court) and storytelling activities.

Among the activities carried out by the volunteers are renovations and janitorial services at the "Casulo Pequeno Polegar" daycare center; revitalization of the library, toy library, and science lab of the Escola Municipal Professora Maria Iranilde ("Professora Maria Iranilde" Municipal School); plus implementation and refurbishment of the reading room, music room and library at the Escola Municipal Prof. Idalina Azevedo ("Prof. Idalina Azevedo" Municipal School).

In Salvador, volunteers from the Camargo Corrêa Construction Company chose "Escola Comunitária do Bom Juá" for activities involving renovation of the library and donation of computers. For Sunday, the volunteers organized recreational activities with the children (workshops on painting, theater, balloon modeling) gardening and handcraft workshops.

The Doing Good Day is an annual charitable event organized by the Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC) since 2009. In 2014, a total of 13 companies present in 15 countries are taking part in the Doing Good Day. Around 22,000 volunteers are expected to be involved.

About the Doing Good Day

This is an initiative of the Ideal Voluntário ("Ideal Volunteer") program run by the Camargo Corrêa Institute, which encourages volunteerism among employees of the companies that comprise the Camargo Corrêa Group. Its main objectives are to contribute to a good relationship between the company and its employees and the community; to articulate with the public sector, private sector, and civil society; to identify talents within the company and in the community; and to celebrate the completion and/or the start of volunteer actions.


Escola Comunitária do Bom Juá
Address: Rua Direita do Bom Juá, 88, Salvador

Creche Casulo Pequeno Polegar
Escola Municipal Professora Maria Iranilde
Escola Municipal Prof. Idalina Azevedo
Time: From 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Place: Sports Court at the Centro Assistência Integral à Criança
Address: Rua Rogério Rêgo, 19 Malhada Branca, Brumado