Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 14:50

“Vila do Mar” project takes part in the sixth edition of the Doing Good Day in Fortaleza

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Employee volunteers from the Camargo Corrêa Construction Company organize activities at the Femocopi headquarters on August 24

The headquarters of the Federação do Movimento Comunitário do Pirambu (Femocopi) was chosen by employees of the Vila do Mar project, in Fortaleza, for the activities of the sixth edition of the "Doing Good Day," a corporate volunteer event that gathers all of the companies of the Camargo Corrêa Group. Femocopi has 170 affiliated entities, benefiting 70,000 families. The institution and its partners support, develop and carry out social and environmental work in areas extending from the Pirambu neighborhood all the way to Barra do Ceará.

Employee volunteers from the Camargo Corrêa Construction Company, plus their family members and friends, will carry out structural renovations at the site. The refurbishment will include work on the roof of the building, painting in several areas, as well as electrical overhauls. For 15 years, Femocopi has run the Community Mediation Center, acting in conflicts involving alimony/child support, acknowledgment of paternity, civil charges, threats, leases, problems with neighbors, among others. The work is supervised by the local Attorney General's Office.

The Doing Good Day is an annual charitable event organized by the Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC) since 2009. In 2014, a total of 13 companies present in 15 countries are taking part in the Doing Good Day. Around 22,000 volunteers are expected to be involved.

About the Doing Good Day

This is an initiative of the Ideal Voluntário ("Ideal Volunteer") program run by the Camargo Corrêa Institute, which encourages volunteerism among employees of the companies that comprise the Camargo Corrêa Group. Its main objectives are to contribute to a good relationship between the company and its employees and the community; to articulate with the public sector, private sector, and civil society; to identify talents within the company and in the community; and to celebrate the completion and/or the start of volunteer actions.


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