Monday, November 25, 2013 - 12:05

Youngsters from Barra do Ceará perform a stage play on juvenile sexual violence

Project integrates a program on Major Works by Childhood organized by Camargo Corrêa Building Contractor and Camargo Corrêa Institute.

About 50 youngsters, falling in the 12 to 21 age bracket will have a special day on November 27. They spent 12 months between classroom and rehearsals to stage a couple of plays debating the combat against childhood sexual abuse and exploitation. The project of Juvenile Legal Prosecutors is one of the social actions jointly developed by Camargo Corrêa Building Contractor and Camargo Corrêa Institute in the Vila do Mar works, in Fortaleza.

The project is conducted in partnership with the School of Public Prosecutors of Ceará and the Change of Scenery NGO, being supported by the Municipal Government of Fortaleza, the Che Guevara Urban Culture, Art, Science and Sport Center (Cuca, by the Portuguese initials), the Little Citizen Association, the Guardianship Council, and the Water Color Network. The stage play marks the graduation of the young agents of confronted sexual exploitation, starting from the educational and playful process of the Forum Theater, and the research work on the system guaranteeing the rights of Fortaleza.

Over the period of one year, the 50 young residents of Barra do Ceará went through theater and qualifying workshops on the system guaranteeing childhood rights, by developing oral and written communication skills, creative thinking, decision making process, resolving conflicts and promoting rights. In addition to providing information on the topic of sexual violence, the project encourages youth participation. Educators and local artists, and the community as a whole, have also contributed to the project outcome.

By the end of the qualifying process, the youngsters staged a couple of plays under the Theater of the Oppressed model. This staging will present a real problem and instigate audience reaction. The problems will be discussed and staged according to the suggestions they arise. Those plays will be staged on November 27 and 28. The project will be officially ended on December 9 in the auditorium of the Attorney General Office in Fortaleza.

The young participants will receive a certificate. The Juvenile Legal Prosecutors is an entity of the Major Works for Childhood program, of Camargo Corrêa Building Contractor and the Camargo Corrêa Institute, whose purpose is to develop actions to combat sexual violence against children and teenagers in the areas of influence of major infrastructure works. The Major Works by Childhood is currently present in 15 Brazilian municipalities, with 21 projects to combat children and youth sexual exploitation.


Date: November 27
Times: 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Group: Juvenile Prosecutors
Topic: Sexual abuse against children and adolescents
Age group: 10 years old
Duration: 1 hour
Synopsis: The play was staged on basis of a survey carried out among adolescents and youngsters on sexual abuse, and of actual stories from the age group collected in Barra do Ceará.
Place: Cuca Che Guevara Theater (Av. Presidente Castelo Branco, 6417 Barra do Ceará)

Date: November 28
Times: 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm.
Play: Crystal Patchwork
Group: Juvenile Prosecutors
Topic: Sexual Exploitation against Children and Adolescents
Age group: 10 years old
Duration: 1 hour
Synopsis: The narration of a child who becomes a woman in a highly vulnerable condition is based on an actual story and addresses the issue of Sexual Exploitation against a Child and an Adolescent.
Place: Cuca Che Guevara Theater (Av. Presidente Castelo Branco, 6417 Barra do Ceará)

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