The Sustainable Innovation Awards is an initiative that unites efforts to promote and spread the sustainability practices of Camargo Corrêa Group. Launched in 2008 and held every two years, it is aimed at the collaborators of all companies in the Group.

The purpose of the Awards is to identify and recognize efforts to reduce environmental impacts and rationalize the use of natural resources, among other actions that can generate positive results for the company's performance. It is divided into two categories: Sustainable Ideas (for projects being conceived) and Sustainable Practices (for initiatives already in progress).

In its first edition, the Awards received 425 submissions. In the Sustainable Ideas category, the winners were projects "Efficient Worksite", "Addition of slag into the oven", "Diversity in Hiring" and "Partner suppliers for sustainability". In the Sustainable Practices category, winning projects were "Recovery of lubricating oil used as alternative fuel", "Recycling and citizenship" and "Ventura Corporate Towers".

In the 2010 edition, the initiative reached 897 submissions from five countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru). The winners were, in the Sustainable Ideas category, projects "EcoPack: green solution for cement packages", "Use of microalgae to capture CO2" and "Indicator of Sustainability and Sustainability Meter", while projects "Electrical Vehicle CPFL Energia", "Acquisition of sustainable wood" and "Sustainability in Project My House My Life II" won in the Sustainable Practices category.

In 2011, Sustainable Innovation Network was created as a virtual collaborative space to pursue innovative solutions. Until the end of 2011, 52% of the submissions chosen by the judges in the previous year had already been perfected, implemented or replicated.

In the third edition of the Awards, held in 2012, 1,284 collaborators were involved, who submitted 459 projects and represented 12 companies of the Group, including outside Brazil. Project "Blue Attitude – Water Management and Responsible Consumption Program" was the winner under Sustainable Ideas. Under Sustainable Practices, now divided into six categories, winners were projects "Great Works for Childhood", "Acquasave® by Tavex", "Flood System", "El Velociraptor", "Empresa CPFL Renováveis" and "Revitalized Lamps".