One of the ten largest cement manufacturers with international profile in the world, InterCement has 40 manufacturing sites in eight countries and installed capacity to manufacture 47 million tons of cement per year, besides concrete and aggregate manufacturing operations.

The company is the market leader in Argentina, Cabo Verde, Mozambique and Portugal, and vice-leader in Brazil and Paraguay – where it has recently installed an integrated cement manufacturing plant. Concomitantly, it has leading position in regions where it operates in South Africa (Durban) and Egypt (Alexandria).

In terms of cement trading, the dynamism of InterCement, which today exports about 10% of its production, has strengthened its operations in the international level, being today one of the five largest traders in the industry.

The broad geographical spread of its plants and constant seek for operational excellence, combined with strong financial discipline, provides the company with great capacity of resilience in different economic scenarios, and thus continue pursuing its strategic goal of maintaining itself among the top five profitable cement companies in the world.

InterCement has one of its most important business operation pillars the forging of sustainable partnerships with clients, suppliers and surrounding communities, fostering harmonious relationship with its stakeholders, assuring in this way the creation of sustainable value.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

The presence of InterCement in the communities of the regions where it is located was strengthened with the creation of Instituto InterCement, which is born with programs and projects in all sites of the company in Brazil and also with the duty of establishing the guidelines on private social investment in other countries.

Instituto InterCement bases its activities on the expertise built by Camargo Corrêa Institute which originally started the main community development programs in the companies comprising the business portfolio of Camargo Corrêa S.A.. In 2015, it invested R$ 13 million with own funds and consideration of partners in 17 municipalities in Brazil.

For the following years, the Instituto InterCement’s proposal is to work with greater focus in each business line. In the Infância Ideal Program, which prioritizes actions targeted at children, the intention is to concentrate efforts on early infancy (zero to three years). In the Escola ideal Program, targeted at primary and secondary education, the goal is to encourage literacy in the right age, besides activities aligned with the 10-year education plans devised by the municipalities where it operates in 2015, with the support of the Instituto itself.

In the programs for the youth, besides promoting the income generation to youths, Instituto InterCement is going to encourage communities to find new impacting business opportunities, that is, with larger scale and concrete benefits to the population that is at the bottom of the social pyramid.

All units of InterCement have employee groups dedicated to voluntary activities. Internal surveys of the company showed a high level of corporate engagement with volunteering: 22% of all professionals, in the eight countries where it operates, were involved in activities of this nature in 2015, below the international benchmark, which is around 14%.

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