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The Camargo Corrêa Group is one of Brazil's largest private sector business organizations, with operations in key sectors of the economy, including engineering and construction, cement, energy and transport concessions and urban mobility, the shipbuilding and offshore segment, apparel and footwear, real estate development and the denim industry.

The group has operations in 20 Brazilian states and is present in 22 countries. It ended 2013 with roughly 65 thousand employees and net revenue of R$ 25.8 billion.

Managed by the privately held and family-controlled holding company, Camargo Corrêa S.A., the Group began as a small company in 1939 when Camargo, Corrêa & Cia. Limitada, Engenheiros e Construtores was first founded. Over the last 75 years, it has become one of the best known corporate brands in the Brazilian market.

In the Engineering and Construction sectors, the group concentrates on complex large-scale logistical undertakings, participating in major infrastructure projects, both in Brazil as well as abroad, with highlight going to the Latin American region. The emphasis in its portfolio has been on hydroelectric power plants, as well as construction projects for highways and subways, with more than 500 projects having been carried out to date.

The cement businesses are under the control of the holding company InterCement, which in 2013 became one of the ten largest international producers in this sector. The company operates 40 plants in eight countries, spread across South America, Europe and Africa, and aims to be a benchmark in terms of innovation and customer service.

In the Energy Concessions segment the group is one of the major private sector shareholders in the controlling block of CPFL Energia, which is the leader in the Brazilian energy distribution segment, with more than 7 million clients. It also operates in energy generation and trading, being the largest Brazilian generator of energy from renewable sources.

In the Transport Concessions and Mobility sector, the group is one of the controllers of CCR, one of the world's largest highway concessionaires and Latin America's largest private sector operator of intermodal transport and urban mobility systems and services. In addition to highway concessions, it also has concessions to operate airports both in Brazil as well as abroad, along with subway lines. Since 2012, it has been operating the ferry system that connects the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói.

In the Apparel and Footwear sectors, it operates through Alpargatas S.A., which manages leading brands that are synonymous with innovation and design, such as Havaianas, which is one of the world's most valued brands, along with Osklen, Mizuno, Topper, Timberland and others.

Camargo Corrêa Desenvolvimento Imobiliário (CCDI) is the group's real estate development arm for the middle and high income residential real estate markets and for high-standard (AAA) commercial and corporate projects. In the low-income segment it operates through HM Engenharia, mainly under the Brazilian Federal Government's housing program Minha Casa, Minha Vida (My House, My Life).

In the Shipbuilding and Offshore segment, the group is the founding shareholder of the Estaleiro Atlântico Sul – EAS (Atlântico Sul Shipyard), which is the largest and most modern shipyard in the Southern Hemisphere, and which is strategically located in the municipality of Ipojuca, State of Pernambuco. EAS' order-book includes 19 oil-tankers and 7 ultra-deepwater drilling rigs.

In the Denim and Workwear segments, together with Alpargatas S.A., it controls the Tavex Corporation, which is the global leader in terms of denim production, with operations in Brazil, Argentina, Morocco and Mexico.