In March, the Knowledge Management system is implemented.

In July, the business diversification policy takes another step forward with the acquisition of 50% of the common and 52% of the preferred shares of Santista Têxtil. As a result, the Camargo Corrêa group now shares the company’s control with São Paulo Alpargatas.

Also in July, the group’s 41% stake in Alcoa Alumínio and Alcoa América Latina is switched for 2.5% of Alcoa Inc.’s shares, the largest aluminum manufacturer in the world.

Moinho Jauense, founded by Sebastião Camargo during the construction of Brasília, is sold to Mutual Investments Limited, part of the Bunge group.

The Board of Directors is restructured in October. Another of the administrative plan’s innovations is the implementation of the Social Responsibility Commission.

At the end of December, the directly controlled companies have a total workforce of 33 thousand. A further 17 thousand work in companies where ownership is shared and the Camargo Corrêa has a stake in the controlling shareholding group.