Arlindo Rekel and Valdecir Rekel, beneficiaries of Entrepreneurship Time Program, in the district of Abunã, Porto Velho, RO



Camargo Corrêa Group donates about R$ 2 million to victims of the rains in Rio de Janeiro’s mountain region.

Construtora Camargo Corrêa completed the energy substation Maquela do Zombo, in Angola, that will benefit about 250 thousand people.

Consortium led by Camargo Corrêa starts the construction of the FPSO P62 oil rig for Petrobras.


Camargo Correa is among the 100 emerging market companies that are making progress in the field of well known and established multinational companies.

Camargo Corrêa Institute and the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) enter into an Agreement of Technical and Financial Cooperation to fund the actions of Ideal Future program. The partnership will last for five years and provides for investments of R$ 50 million, or R$ 25 million from each party.

Fitch Ratings raises Camargo Corrêa S.A. ratings in foreign and domestic currency, and also the long and short term national ratings.


March 01, 2011 – Camargo Corrêa Óleo e Gás S.A. is one of the shareholders of the recently created company Logum Logística S.A., which will be responsible for the implementation of a comprehensive multimodal logistics system for transportation and storage of ethanol.

March 04, 2011 – Camargo Corrêa Group sells the shareholding interest it held in the controlled parties Loga and Cavo Serviços e Saneamento S.A., holder of interest at Essencis Soluções Ambientais S.A. and Unidade de Tratamento de Resíduos S.A.

Construtora Camargo Corrêa and Energia Sustentável do Brasil inaugurate a biofactory in Jirau to foster sustainable agriculture and income creation in small land properties.

Construtora Camargo Corrêa and Camargo Corrêa Institute present in the city of Porto Velho (RO) the social and community entrepreneurship actions for areas surrounding the Jirau Hydroelectric Plant. The initiatives relate to Ideal Childhood, Ideal School, and Ideal Future programs.


April 26, 2011 – Camargo Corrêa Cimentos announced a new identity and changed its name to InterCement. Also, the company created InterCement Participações S.A., a holding company for the cement business to concentrate the operations in Brazil and other countries.

CPFL Energia announces the acquisition of Jantus SL, holder of the largest portfolio of wind farms in Brazil.


May 11, 2011 – Camargo Corrêa Group was included in the ranking of 13 Brazilian companies with the boldest postures in the world, according to a Report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a consulting business for global management and business strategy.

CCDI and Cyrela Commercial Properties (CCP) start the works of a joint venture at Paulista Avenue. The AAA-class project is formed by a business tower and a shopping mall, and will have a green area of 2,380 square meters open to the public.


Following the globalization process, São Paulo Alpargatas changes its name to Alpargatas S.A and adopts a new corporate trade dress.

EAS is contracted to build seven ultra deepwater drilling ships for Sete Brasil.


InterCement announces new investments in Argentina amounting to US$ 400 million, including a new factory in San Juan with capacity to produce 900 thousand tons of cement per year.

Alpargatas announces the construction of a new factory in the city of Montes Claros, north of the state of Minas Gerais. R$ 180 million will be invested in the unit.

HM Engenharia receives from Fundação Vanzolini the OHSAS 18001 certification for occupational health and safety.


August 08, 2011 – Loma Negra announced an investment of USD 400 million for the next three years in Argentina.

August 21, 2011 – Camargo Corrêa Group held the 3rd edition of Doing Good Day in multiple locations in Brazil and abroad, engaging 11,000 volunteers. Professionals from the Group as well as families and friends carry out – simultaneously – voluntary actions to benefit the communities where they live.

August 29, 2011 – Alpargatas won the Transparency Trophy 2011.

CPFL Energia and Ersa enter into a partnership to create CPFL Renováveis, which is born as the largest Latin American company on the renewable energy market.


CPFL Renováveis inaugurates a plant powered by sugarcane bagasse in the city of Baía Formosa (RN) with investments of about R$ 130 million.

Ceremony of deviation of Madeira River at the work site of Jirau Hydroelectric Plant, built by Camargo Corrêa.


October 13, 2011 – Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC) won the award promoted by Aberje (Brazilian Association of Corporate Communication) under the Special Events category, with its Doing Good Day. In addition to ICC, other company in the Group (Construtora Camargo Corrêa) won in the category “Internal Audiovisual Media”, with TV Conexão.

October 24, 2011 – Camargo Corrêa inaugurated the Rio Negro Bridge: the longest cable-stayed bridge built over fresh water in Brazil.

CPFL Renováveis inaugurates a new thermal power station: UTE Bio Buriti (SP), powered by sugarcane biomass, with 50 MW of installed capacity.

Construction cell of CCDI receives the ISO 9001 certification.


November 28, 2011 – For the seventh consecutive year, CPFL Energia is part of the ISE - Bovespa’s Business Sustainability Index, which brings together companies that stand out on corporate sustainability, evaluating general aspects and matters on environment, corporate governance, economic and financial, social responsibility, and climate change.

Camargo Corrêa Group announces the sale of its shareholding interest in the controlling block of Usiminas.


December 07, 2011 - Camargo Corrêa and CPFL Energia were recognized by Award Leaders of Brazil, offered by Brasil Econômico newspaper in cooperation with group LIDE and SBT.

Contract signed for building an integrated cement factory of InterCement in Angola, with capacity of 1.9 million t/year and operation scheduled to commence by December 2014.

Estaleiro Atlântico Sul (EAS) delivers its first order to Petrobras: the hulk of P-55 oil rig, designed to operate in deep water.

The oil tanker VLCC comes to Brazil to be subsequently converted into the FPSO P62 oil rig, which is under construction by CCI.